Annual General Meeting 14th Oct 2021 via ZOOM

Come to this years AGM and learn about the draft neighbourhood plan (submitted to HDC back in March);the public referendum and what it will mean for Horsham. Please register your interest (with email address) here.  Meeting papers can be down loaded from here   plan cover page

YOUR TOWN: YOUR VISION: YOUR PLAN - Horsham Blueprint Business Neighbourhood Plan submitted to Horsham District Council (4th June 2020)

The draft plan and associated documents can be viewed here

The plan sets out a vision for the unparished area of Horsham capturing what those who live, work or simply visit Horsham wish, like and desire for the town. A series of fifteen policies presents a blueprint by which those aspirations can be met from now to 2036. Every contribution has played its part: from the youngsters building a perfect Horsham in Minecraft; to the completion of the surveys and long discussions at the various exhibitions in Horsham Town Centre and community events. The Horsham Blueprint Steering Committee would like to thank all those who have contributed to the plan.

UPDATE 16th April 2021: Statutory examination completed. Revised plan with HDC, awaiting Decision Notice regarding referendum.

a eardleyHorsham Blueprint is pleased to announce the appointment of Alison Eardley of Alison Eardley Consulting to assist with the preparation of the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Plan. Alison is an experienced neighbourhood planner; contributing to Neighbourhood Plans across the South East.


The Plan and our approach

At the Annual General meeting on the 19th May 2020 a brief presentation was given summarising the development of the draft plan and the next steps. To learn more   - down load the presentation.

the plan and proposed approach


What is neighbourhood planning?

Neighbourhood Planning is a way for communities such as ours to develop their own approach to deciding the future of the places where they live and work.

blue clad planners

It is not a legal requirement but a right, which communities can use to determine the development and use of land and to make other improvements to their neighbourhood, including the development of homes, shops, offices, infrastructure and their design.

We want a Neighbourhood plan for Horsham because it will set out our community's vision for the un-parished areas of Horsham for up to the next twenty years. The Neighbourhood Plan has legal status so, decisions on planning applications must take the Neighbourhood Plan into consideration. Communities can put in place planning policies that will help deliver that vision or grant planning permission for the development they want to see.


- Draft Horsham Blueprint Business Neighbourhood Plan published ! (10th February 2020) The draft plan can be viewed here

Proposed Policy List Published! (18 Aug 2018)

The proposed policy list reflects the things that matter to the residents of Horsham shared with Blueprint through its extensive programme of consultation over the last four years. The proposed policy list can be viewed here.

Why Horsham Blueprint?

Because the Neighbourhood Plan will be a blueprint for the development of Horsham 10, 15, 20 years into the future

Why the “hands logo”?

Because neighbourhood planning is for everyone with a stake in the area. We would love everyone to put their “hands up” and be involved