Spring 2017 Update

Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum, supported by Forest, Denne and Trafalgar Neighbourhood Councils is working to develop a neighbourhood plan for Horsham Town. This plan when adopted will form part of the statutory framework that will govern future developments within the town.








Dear All

Last Autum Horsham Blueprint delivered a summary of the their Interim Report detailing progress so far, to every property in Horsham Town (the full report can be found here http://www.horshamblueprint.org/reports/).

interimThe report also included an invite to complete and online survey (hard copies were also available) with a range of questions regarding aspects of life in Horsham.

Many thanks to all you who completed the survey – there was a fantastic response with over 300 people completing it either online or by hard copy.With 50 individual questions and 300+ plus responses the survey generated a lot a very useful information.

Here are a number of “highlights” from the survey that we would like to share with you:

So… of those respondents who expressed an opinion:

  • 67% say that having a say in decisions affecting Horsham is important to them.
  • 75% say that the neighbourhood plan should allocate sites for affordable housing.
  • 84% say all new residential properties should have at least one allocated parking space
  • 98% support the preservation of existing open spaces and parks
  • 54% indicated that the cost of car parking influenced how often they went into Horsham
  • 45% believed that more should be done to promote Horsham as a tourist destination 28% disagreed and 27% have no opinion on the matter

And when asked what do you like about Horsham a wide variety of responses were received. Here are a just a few which we think best captures why people love Horsham:

“Sense of community and friendliness/Kindness, the fact that it is clean and generally well cared for, Horsham park and other open spaces, generally fell safe”

“Its a wonderful town at present with access to beautiful country side”“Horsham has a good vibe and lots of great events and a great market, these are all amazing!”

And in the interest of balance – a few things that people are concerned about:

“Waitrose should have remained where it was. The new location makes it too far to get to easily.”

“Exhorbitant parking charges in the town centre. Hard to see why one should have to pay £2.40 to park in Swan Walk car park even if you are there for 30 minutes. Why does the car park not have a graduating scale of fees…so you only pay for the time you are there rather than one charge for the first 2 hours? This simply discourages people from coming to town.”

“Ever increasing number of residents/flats/houses but very little provision for infrastructure to cope with it. The South East is poorly served for a choice of essential shopping now that Waitrose has moved. I don’t feel the Council puts enough effort into public consultations on issues of planning.”

So what does all this information gleaned by the Survey mean for the plan?

Well it reinforces the comments and observations made to Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum at wide range of events and venues across the town over the last couple of years. It helps provide us with a robust body of evidence upon which to develop the plan.

It won’t be able to address every thing that has been raised, but it will seek to maintain and even enhance what people love about the town; whilst endeavoring to mitigate those issues which cause concern.

If you would like to learn more about Horsham Blueprint, please visit our website www.horshamblueprint.org

Best Wishes

Andrew Cooke
Acting Chair – Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum

April 2017