Blueprint area

Horsham Blueprint Re-designation (2020)

Neighbourhood Forums are required to be re-designated every 5 years by the local planning authority (Horsham District Council) who are required to consult on the re-designation application.

Horsham Blueprint was re-designated on the 24th August 2020.


Horsham Blueprint Designation (2015)

Area Designation


Forum Designation


Information on Neighbourhood Plans across Horsham District can be found on the HDC Website.


Blueprint Area

Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood  Forum area is co-terminus with the boundaries of the three Horsham Neighbourhood Councils (Denne, Forest and Trafalgar) that cover Horsham Town area.

These councils recognising the value of effective neighbourhood planning were instrumental in the establishment of the Forum.

They continue to support the work of Horsham Blueprint as it seeks to develop the Neighbourhood Plan.