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Six Week consultation – 10th February to 24th  March 2020

YOUR VIEW ARE IMPORTANT. Please complete the online survey. Alternatively the survey can be sent to you by post, if you phone or text 07561395448 and leave your name and address. 

It is important that as many residents and businesses in the unparished part of Horsham let Blueprint know what you think about the draft Neighbourhood Plan and whether you support the visions.  The document can be found at here  or hard copies of the document can be found will be in The Library or Horsham District Council’s Offices.

Supported by the 3 Neighbourhood Councils, Blueprint sought community and business views to understand how the unparished area of Horsham might develop over the next 10-15 years in a sustainable way. The draft plan preserves the Town’s character and identity, sets out the types of homes we need, protects green spaces and continues to support local business and the Town Centre.

There are 15 planning policies and associated actions in the Plan.  Briefly;


 New homes: The plan does not allocate development sites; rather the focus is to ensure that any development coming forward is directed to the places that have the lowest impact on our landscape, environment and infrastructure. Development should provide the types of houses people need.

Horsham Town Centre and the wider economy: We aim to ensure that Horsham Town Centre remains an attractive and prosperous market town, where people want to spend time shopping and socialising. We encourage a mix of activities to take place within a safe and welcoming public realm. We seek to provide the infrastructure required to retain existing businesses while also attracting new ones.


Environment and green space: Horsham is fortunate to have many green spaces within our urban area including Horsham Park, Warnham Nature Reserve and Chesworth Farm to name a few. We plan to safeguard smaller pockets of green space that are particularly valued, and green corridors for future generations. We also want to mitigate our impact on climate change and include a range of policies to help achieve this, such as promoting sustainable design, encouraging allotments and self-sufficiency.



Transport and movement: Whilst we are supporting additional public car parking, we want to make it easier for residents and visitors to walk and cycle to and within the town and wider area. Our policies will ensure that our rights of way are well-maintained and accessible to all. This includes our ancient network of twittens.

 Community assets and infrastructure: The community facilities we have provide an important lifeline not only for our community but for those in neighbouring villages and it is vital that they are safeguarded, improved and, where necessary, expanded to meet the changing needs of our residents. We support additional facilities for children and teenagers and the provision of community halls and cultural venues.


Character, heritage and design: We want to make sure that new development is in-keeping with the local character and is designed to the highest standards – including ensuring it is environmentally friendly and reduces energy-consumption.  We also want to celebrate our heritage.

 Age Friendly: Horsham has both an expanding younger and older population.  We want to support initiatives and steps for Horsham to be designated an Age-Friendly Neighbourhood.


YOUR VIEW ARE IMPORTANT.  Please complete the on line survey.  Alternatively the survey can be sent to you by post, if you phone  or text  07561395448 and leave your name and address.