Newsletter June 2016

Horsham Blueprint
Newsletter June 2016

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental
well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town”

Imagine Horsham

Many thanks to all of you who came to visit us at Imagine Horsham in April. Thanks too to Gill Buchanan and her staff for the use of the shop, and to all those who helped to put on the exhibition. We were over-whelmed by your responses. Particular thanks go to all those of you who wrote very detailed responses about what you would like to see for the future of the town. We have been processing all the comments and are now working on the next stage of producing a plan. All the analysis of the comments has given us key themes and topics which we are using to produce a progress report. This will show the ideas and opportunities that have been identified. In some cases, we already have possible policies and projects. We will let everyone know when this is issued so that you can all comment further and let us know if we are on the right track.

Alongside the progress report, we will also be producing a survey to ensure that everyone has had a chance to have their say about what should be in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Meanwhile, in April we put out a Call for Sites for development and are currently working with AECOM on assessment of the sites which have been submitted or which we have identified. We have also made more progress with identifying the green spaces that we wish to see protected. We are also continuing to develop projects and policies around the theme of “Marketplace of Ideas” which was one of the key ideas we presented at Imagine Horsham. There will be more news shortly about our next business events.


Keeping Informed

As a community group, we have very limited funding. It is costly for us to send out letters and leaflets, especially with the price of postage, so we have to use every other means possible to keep in touch with everyone. We are on Twitter @blueprintnf and this links to our Facebook page. Please follow us on either of those as we post regularly with your comments as well latest news from our area and the world of neighbourhood planning. In addition, we have updates in the Neighbourhood Council newsletters and we try to produce press releases as often as possible so that we reach a wider audience. It will help us greatly if you could talk about us with your friends and neighbours, especially those who are not on social media or the internet so that they know what we are doing.

Annual General Meeting

We hereby give notice that our Annual General Meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 27th June 2016 at the Rehoboth Church, New Street. The papers, including the Resolutions, are on our website. All are welcome to attend. Anyone wishing to stand for the Steering Group should complete an application form and send it to us by Wednesday 22nd June. We would welcome some fresh energy and new faces!

Shelley Fountain

A major request throughout all our consultation was for the Shelley Fountain (or Rising Universe) to be removed. We had a few requests for it to be repaired and brought back into use, but the majority wished to see it go. We therefore supported Horsham District Council’s decision to remove it. We had some great ideas for a replacement, including sculpture by local artists Hannah Stewart or Paul Day, a statue of Shelley, a Dalek in tribute to Ray Cusick who lived in Horsham, and an ordinary fountain. We have passed all of the ideas on to HDC. In the meanwhile, we understand that there will be temporary planting in the fountain basin.


Sculpture by Hannah Stewart in Horsham Park Maze

New Street Pocket Garden

Work is progressing well on this community project. It has been awarded funding from both the DCLG and Tesco’s Bags of Help. If you wish to be involved, there is a meeting at 10am on Saturday June 4th at the Rehoboth Church.


Other Neighbourhoods

It’s fascinating seeing what other neighbourhoods do as part of their work. In Highgate they have been monitoring air quality. They explain how this will affect policies in the plan, as well as possible community actions and initiatives that they would support.

In St Albans, they have produced a design code. This might be something that we could do here, possibly drawing on the expertise of Horsham Society.

Many towns and cities are looking at improving their cycling facilities as more and more people wish to cycle or to have safe cycling lanes for their children to use. This has been a strong theme in our consultation and we will be looking at what we can do within our policies. Meanwhile, there is a useful report from Leicester about how they are improving cycling. Locally, West Sussex County Council are consulting on their Strategy to 2026. Submissions have to reach them by 22nd June.


Future Events

Apart from our AGM, we will be at Sparks in the Park on 10th July, so you can catch us there if you want to chat about our plan. Meanwhile, watch out for details of our business events in the next few months.


Best wishes


Imagine Horsham! April 2016

Imagine Horsham! Swan Walk 9-10 April 2016

imagine2Over the last couple of years Horsham Blueprint has consulted widely and various events and activities across the town.

The “Imagine Horsham” exhibition in Swan Walk (7-10 April 2016) provided a wonderful opportunity to share with residents and visitors alike whats good about Horsham and what could and should be improved.

The exhibition comprised of over 20 posters with each focusing on a specific topic – reflecting the key themes identified in over 1600 individual comments received by the time of the exhibition.

It’s estimated that over the 3 days well over a 1000 people visited the exhibition and what’s more over 160 of those visited took the trouble to express on paper their thoughts about the town and how it could be improved.

See what the local press says about “Imagine Horsham”:

You too can see what the people of Horsham have to say so far; simply scroll through the slide show below (it may take a few moments to load):

A2-Welcome-Poster  Getting Around by Bus Poster-page-001     Green Spaces Poster-page-001      Shopping Poster 2-page-001      Traffic Poster-page-001      Walkable Town Poster-page-001      Sports Poster-page-001         Town Centre Poster-page-001          Urban Design Poster-page-001          Queen Street Poster-page-001          Children and young people poster-page-001          Homes Poster-page-001            Keeping Healthy Poster-page-001            Marketplace Poster-page-001            Heritage Poster-page-001             Cycling Poster-page-001             Commuity Values Poster-page-001             Age Friendly Poster-page-001              Shopping Poster 2-page-001                Traffic Poster-page-001                  Walkable Town Poster-page-001                 Town Centre Poster-page-001                 Parking Poster-page-001                Commuity Values Poster-page-001                A2-Horsham-Blueprint-poster

Imagine Horsham Screen Social Results !


Imagine Horsham (consultation event – Swan Walk, Horsham 8-10 April 2016 – Survey results

Key results:

  • 62% of respondents indicated that increasing car parking costs would drive them to shop else where
  • 79% say that there are not enough public toilets in town


Are there enough activities for teenagers?

·         Yes 24.7% (55 votes)

·         No 75.3% (168 votes)

Will increasing car park charges mean that you shop elsewhere or on-line?

·         Yes 62.2% (138 votes)

·         No 37.8% (84 votes)

Do you find it easy to get around Horsham other than by car?

·         Yes 68.6% (151 votes)

·         No 31.8% (70 votes)

Would you prefer to work at or close to home?

·         Yes 77.8% (172 votes)

·         No 22.2% (49 votes)

Have you or your family had problems finding housing to buy or rent in Horsham?

·         Yes 33.2% (73 votes)

·         No 66.8% (147 votes)

Do you think Horsham needs another supermarket?

·         Yes 49.3% (108 votes)

·         No 50.7% (111 votes)

Do you think that Horsham is welcoming to visitors?

·         Yes 79.3% (172 votes)

·         No 20.7% (45 votes)

Would you support Horsham Town as an Age-Friendly Town?

·         Yes 81.5% (176 votes)

·         No 18.5% (40 votes)

Have you been affected by flooding in Horsham?

·         Yes 16.7% (36 votes)

·         No 83.3% (179 votes)

Do you have problems parking by or near to your home?

·         Yes 26.5% (57 votes)

·         No 73.5% (158 votes)

Would you cycle if Horsham had more cycle paths?

·         Yes 53.3% (114 votes)

·         No 46.7% (100 votes)

Will increasing car park charges mean that you travel in to Horsham on foot, by bike or by bus?

·         Yes 55.9% (119 votes)

·         No 44.1% (94 votes)

Do you think air quality in Horsham Town needs improving?

·         Yes 39% (83 votes)

·         No 61% (130 votes)

Would you use a bus service to John Lewis and Waitrose?

·         Yes 29.6% (63 votes)

·         No 70.4% (150 votes)

Would you use bus services later in the evening?

·         Yes 46.7% (99 votes)

·         No 53.3% (113 votes)

Do you use the open spaces and parks in Horsham Town?

·         Yes 84.8% (179 votes)

·         No 15.2% (32 votes)

Would you volunteer to help look after the open spaces?

·         Yes 43.8% (92 votes)

·         No 56.2% (118 votes)

Do you think more should be done to promote Horsham as a place to visit and stay?

·         Yes 73.8% (155 votes)

·         No 26.2% (55 votes)

Are there sufficient public toilets in Horsham Town?

·         Yes 30.1% (63 votes)

·         No 69.9% (146 votes)

Are there sufficient litter bins in Horsham Town?

·         Yes 46.9% (98 votes)

·         No 53.1% (111 votes)

Are there sufficient seats in Horsham Town?

·         Yes 51.8% (118 votes)

·         No 48.2% (110 votes)

Neighbourhood Planning—what goes where in our neighbourhood?

Business Neighbourhood forum update March 2016

handAs a business in Horsham Town, you have an opportunity to have your say about how we plan the town to meet the needs of your business, your customers, and your staff.

We need you to let us know your views and ideas and to work with us to make our neigh-bourhood plan a reality. To find out more read see the  March 2016 Neighbourhood Business Plan Update.

Christmas News Letter

Horsham Blueprint

Christmas Newsletter 2015

“To promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the un-parished area of Horsham Town”

Welcome to the latest news from Horsham Blueprint, the Business Neighbourhood Forum for Horsham Town. For those of you who are new to us and to neighbourhood planning, the Forum brings together everyone from across the community to have a say about where housing, shops and businesses can be in our town. Neighbourhood planning is a community right which allows local residents and businesses to have their own planning policies in a neighbourhood plan that reflects their priorities, delivers tangible local benefits and has real weight in planning decisions. Local people can also grant permission for development through ‘neighbourhood development orders’ and ‘community right to build orders’. Over 100 neighbourhood plans have now passed referendum. Excellent examples are Winsford and Central Milton Keynes.

Making a Great Plan
How do we make a great plan? Brent Toderian, an international expert on urban planning has come up with a list of 10 key points to follow in this article. He suggests everyone has their own list to help guide their plan, so here is a proposed list for Horsham Blueprint:-

  • Create a Plan for TOMORROW, not yesterday or today.
  • Plan for OUTCOMES, rather than timeframes.
  • Speak and write HUMAN. Don’t be boring!
  • Every idea COUNTS.
  • Don’t hide the Plan’s BIG IDEAS. Put them up-front and design around them.
  • Design the Plan with FLEXIBILITY and CLARITY.
  • Make the Plan REAL and DELIVERABLE.
  • Involve EVERYONE; it’s their neighbourhood!
  • Be BOLD and innovative. The Plan can be a GAME-CHANGER.
  • Realise the CATALYTIC power of a plan and the conversations around it.

Ideas and more ideas!
We are still receiving your ideas on postcards and have been sorting them into categories. We plan to get some summaries of all the ideas to date up on our website in the New Year. Meanwhile, we are posting some of the ideas onto Twitter and Facebook so that everyone has a chance to comment about them. We have also posted a link to SurveyMonkey where you can comment if you’d rather use a computer than a pen!

New this month, we have an advertising campaign running across screens in 10 shops in the town centre. This takes our latest Tweets and displays them so even those who are not on social media, can still find out about us. It is a great scheme which is being used by many local traders to promote their businesses. If you want to use this for your business, get in touch with us for the contact details.

You can also find out about Horsham Blueprint in “All About Horsham” as we are in the December issue. Many thanks to the AAH team for finding room for us.

Our first posting on Stickyworld was of the Shelley Fountain. Needless to say, this gathered a lot of comments! We have copied the comments from Facebook as well as from Stickyworld itself.

Our second posting was about the “Pocket Park” that is proposed for New Street. Some of you may recall from the last newsletter that there was funding available from the DCLG for Pocket Parks. This site between Brighton Road Baptist Church and Rehoboth Baptist Church was suggested as somewhere that needed attention. Led by Evan Giles of HDC and by Horsham in Bloom, a team from across the community worked on the bid in an excellent example of what can happen when we all pull together. The bid has been submitted and we have every hope that this will be successful.

We have also been asked by Michael Walker to look at what can be done with land at the junction of Blackbridge Lane and Middleton Road. We have contacted Denne NC and Horsham Town Community Partnership about this site. Many of the green spaces in the town are listed in a report from the Horsham Society and we will be using this as a key document in our evidence base.

Working Groups
These are starting work but we still need more of you to come forward and be involved. If you have any expertise that will help us or an interest in shaping the town, please get in touch.

One of the great things about neighbourhood planning is finding out what is being done elsewhere and wondering not only “could we do that?” but “how do we do that?”  The “how” is answered by Jason Roberts’ fantastic speech at #Locality15 on how one person can make a difference to their neighbourhood If that doesn’t inspire you to get out there and do something in your neighbourhood, I don’t know what will! His organisation, Better Block is here and there are some useful downloads. So if you have any ideas of what you want to see in your neighbourhood, follow his tips and get started!

More inspiring ideas are from the Transition Network:
This is a long read but there are some fantastic projects here, everything from transition streets to a local entrepreneur forum.

One of the themes for our neighbourhood plan is how to help Horsham become an Age Friendly Town. There are many examples from across the world of how this can be done. The RTPI have a briefing here  and there is an important guide here about how we could look at housing the ageing population.

Finally, a community project from the Charity Bank ( which gives children somewhere to “hang out” safely.

“We love a can-do attitude – take a look at our 60 sec video of the month for #inspiration:

Wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us to all of you at Horsham Blueprint.

Best wishes


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