Horsham Society draft design brief

Note: this document is still in draft

The Horsham Society has commented for decades on new proposals in our town and has set up an award scheme for future good design. Design is a subject which exercises us all yet leaves too much room for dispute over what good design might be although most of us can agree quite quickly on what is poor design. Good design cannot be retro-
fitted into a poor proposal. Equally, good design cannot be easily defined or prescribed. Good or bad may be a matter of opinion but there is a world of difference between opinion and informed opinion. This document combines and expands content from the Horsham Town Design Statement adopted by Horsham District Council in December 2008 and from the Design Protocol of Chichester District Council, December 2013.
This design brief is intended as guidance as to what the Horsham Society is looking for so they should prove a useful list of aspects to consider. These notes are only the starting point and the employment of judgement and evaluation are very much matters for the observers themselves.

  • The target audience for this guide is Horsham Society and its Planning Sub-Committee to review and comment on
    applications and show what it considers important.
  • ¬†Horsham District Council and Planning Authority professionals
  • Developers
  • Designers

The draft Horsham Design Brief can be downloaded here: Design Brief v4.0 Dec 2016(2)