Horsham Place Plan

What is it ?

The report to Horsham District Council Cabinet of the 28th January 2016 explained the the Horsham Place Plan produced to West Sussex County Council in the following terms:

There is continuing pressure on the budgets of all public bodies to deliver investment in essential infrastructure which is needed to facilitate the new homes and businesses that are also needed.

Therefore, it is important that all existing and proposed commitments are brought together in a comprehensive approach amongst stakeholders.

For this reason, and to maximise investment, West Sussex County Council is developing a Growth Plan which can be used to prioritise investment and also as a lobbying tool that will hopefully secure additional funding as it becomes available. Within the Growth Plan there will be a section for each local authority called a place plan that identifies and prioritises key issues and a delivery and investment plan for that area.


The Horsham Place Plan has been produced in close cooperation with Horsham District Council and brings together existing projects and requirements. The purpose of this report is to present the proposed Horsham Place Plan, which includes the identified key issues and priorities for Horsham District.


In due course will be amalgamated with the place plans of all the other authorities in West Sussex,within the West Sussex Growth Plan.

What impact does the Place Plan have on Horsham Blueprint?

Horsham Blueprint will seek to engage with WSC to ensure that Neighbourhood Plan and the Growth Plan are consistent with each other and meet the needs of the residents and business within the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood forum area.

The Place Plan and forward to the WSCC Growth Plan can be found here: