Emerging themes – A market place of ideas…

Park BandstandOne of the themes emerging strongly from the consultation is the value placed on Horsham as a market town. Residents, both longstanding and newcomers, young and old, value the town for its character, its distinctiveness, its accessibility, its green spaces and its independent traders.

Horsham is at risk of becoming a dormitory town, house prices are expensive and many people travel out of town for higher paid employment.

It is evident that the world of work is changing and will continue to change as the Internet spreads further into our lives- we believe that the existing successful digital business based in Horsham can be built upon to develop Horsham as a digital hub, Its attractive environment, tree-lined streets and cafe culture provide a good location for business. Promoting Horsham as a Market Place of Ideas blends together the old and the new, enabling this traditional market town to reinvent its self for the 21st century.

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