The Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan can:

  • propose more development than the Local Plan
  • identify the most suitable sites for development
  • help to determine what type and design of development should take place

The Neighbourhood Plan cannot:

  • propose less growth than in the Local Plan
  • prevent any development from ever taking place in an area
  • be prepared without community input and support
  • be in conflict with local, national or EU policies

Who and what is involved?

The Horsham Community Councils representing the un-parished areas of Horsham initiated the creation of Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum tasked to capture the hopes and aspirations of both residents and business of Horsham and from that develop a neighbourhood plan.

In un-parished areas the first step is the creation of the Neighbourhood Forum.

In Horsham this was initiated by Trafalgar, Denne and Forest Neighbourhood Councils with the establishment of the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum covering the unparished area.

But before this could be formally considered as the area covered by the plan it had to be formally designated a Neighbourhood Area


making a plan

1. Designating a Neighbourhood Area

  • The process was instigated by Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum
  • Neighbourhood Area proposed by Horsham Blueprint to Horsham District Council (HDC)
  • Neighbourhood Area designated Autumn 2015.

Next Steps:
2. Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

  • Following extensive engagement with all elements of the local community (residents, businesses, local organisations etc. Horsham Blueprint will prepares a draft Neighbourhood Plan with HDC support and advice
  • Horsham Blueprint conducts pre-submission publicity and consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan. Horsham Blueprint considers consultation responses and amends plan, Horsham Blueprint will then submit the Neighbourhood Plan to HDC. HDC check for legal compliance
  • If compliant, HDC conducts community engagement for a minimum of 6 weeks

3. Examination of Neighbourhood Plan

  • Independent examination to check that a number of basic conditions have been met as set out in the National Planning Policy Guidance (concerning such matters as consistency with national planning policy, sustainable development, and conformity to Local Development Plan strategic policies etc.)
  • Report of independent examination received and published
  • HDC considers report, reaches its own view and decides on the basis of the report whether to submit the Neighbourhood Plan to a local referendum of residents and businesses

4. Referendum and Neighbourhood Plan Made

  • Referendum undertaken by SCDC and results declared
  • If supported by simple majority of those voting, and compatible with EU obligations and Convention rights, the Neighbourhood Plan will be 'made' (adopted) by HDC as the Local Planning Authority
  • Once the plan is “made” the Neighbourhood Plan has legal status so, decisions on planning applications must take the Neighbourhood Plan into consideration

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