Site Identification and Assessment

Update April 2017

Thank you to all who have offered up or suggested potential sites; however Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood and Business Forum has decided (following recent legal challenges experienced by other Neighbourhood Forums and Parish Councils)  not to include site allocations in the Neighbour and Business Plan.

In the absence of site allocations within the Blueprint Plan it is Blueprint’s understanding  that:

  • site allocations would fall to Horsham District Council and their normal consultation arrangements; and
  • those developments would then be subject to the planning policies forming part of the Approved Blueprint Plan


Site Identification and Assessment

The full report can be down loaded here: Horsham Blueprint Site Assessment Final Report

site assessmentBackground & introduction

Through the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) neighbourhood planning programme, AECOM hwas commissioned to provide technical support to the Horsham Blueprint Neighbourhood Forum (HBNF).

This technical support  comprised an assessment of potential sites for inclusion in the forthcoming business neighbourhood plan.

The background to the technical support is that Horsham Blueprint had identified a number of sites which may be suitable for development or for protection from development.

 Horsham Blueprint  sought support in exploring the sites they had identified and for the formulation of recommendations as to which sites may be appropriate to put forward for allocation in the neighbourhood plan.

The support proved by AECOM comprised of the the following:

  • a review of sites identified by the group;
  • a review of the Local Planning Authority policy context – Horsham District Council (HDC); and
  • advice on the next steps towards including specific sites in the neighbourhood plan.